An analysis of the use of the pony express since eighteen sixty

His short but worthy career was cut short in when he fell in a hand-to-hand fight with rebel bushwhackers in southeast Kansas. It connected through California. Joseph Pony Express postmark along with a city of destination postmark, San Francisco.

His business expanded as the town grew, and when the Pony Express came to town Landis was the ideal candidate to produce saddles for the newly founded Pony Express.

After completing eight weekly trips from both Sacramento and Saint Joseph, the Pony Express was forced to suspend mail services because of the outbreak of the Paiute Indian War in May With him and his fellow employes, running down a horse thief was but a trifling incident and an annoyance merely because of the bother and delay which it necessitated.

Both riders and hostlers shared the same privations, often being reduced to the necessity of eating wolf meat and drinking foul or brackish water. Acting through Simpson, Cody obtained a letter of recommendation from Mr. The logo continued to be used when other companies took over the security business into the s.

While the lines were under construction the Pony Express operated as usual. Joseph on April 3, and arrived ten days later in Sacramento, California, on April Approximately 6, Paiutes in Nevada had suffered during a winter of fierce blizzards that year.

The Pony Express was much faster than carrying mail and messages by ships, wagon trains, or stagecoach. He provided himself with an extra mochila which he stuffed with waste papers and placed over the saddle in the regular position. Joseph, Missouri, on April 3, One night while Kelley was on guard his attention was attracted by the uneasiness of the horses.

Must be expert riders, willing to risk death daily. Bloss was a writer for the Pony Express Centennial. Before the half-stunned robber could recover himself to shoot, horse and rider were out of range and running like mad for the next station, where they arrived ahead of schedule.

During this same morning, a Mexican pony rider came in, mortally wounded, having been shot by the savages from ambush while passing through a dense thicket in the vicinity known as Quaking Asp Bottom.

Riders And Famous Rides

Reaching the Carson, they found a badly frightened lot of men who had been attacked by the Indians only a few hours previously.Riders And Famous Rides Bart Riles, the pony rider, died this morning from wounds received at Cold Springs, May The men at Dry Creek Station have all been killed and it is thought.


Pony Express

This paper discusses the Pony Express and offers the use of anecdotcs as a way to make history more interesting to students. Along with facts about the Pony Express, there are activities for writing projects for enrichment purposes. Activities. include: (1) letter writing; (2) news releases; and (3) diary writing.

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The Pony Express consisted of relays of men riding horses carrying saddlebags of mail across a mile trail. The whole event lasted only about eighteen months and was not over all successful.

I chose this topic because it caught my attention with the name. At eighteen, he was one of the best Pony Express riders in the service. He rode only sixty miles each way but covered his round trip of one hundred and twenty miles in 12 hours including all stops.

He always rode California mustangs, using five. Pony Express The Pony Express was founded by William H. Russell, William B. Waddell, and Alexander Majors. They wanted to help develop a faster communication style with the west and were jumpstarted by the threat of the Civil war.

An analysis of the use of the pony express since eighteen sixty
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