An introduction to goldbachs conjecture a famous open problem in additive number theory

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Goldbach Conjecture

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List of unsolved problems in mathematics

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Uploaded by J G. Prime number theory and different patterns of prime numbers. In number theory, the prime number theorem (PNT) describes the asymptotic distribution of the prime numbers. Millennium Prize Problems P versus NP problem Hodge conjecture Poincaré conjecture (solution) Riemann hypothesis Yang–Mills 5/5(2).

Goldbach conjecture, in number theory, assertion (here stated in modern terms) that every even counting number greater than 2 is equal to the sum of two prime numbers.

The Russian mathematician Christian Goldbach first proposed this conjecture in a letter to the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler in Goldbach's conjecture; Integer Sequences; Hall's conjecture; Introductory Number Theory; Lecture notes for Math Introduction to Analytic Number Theory (Spring ) (Noam Elkies) Computational Number Theory.

Some new problems in additive combinatorics. Additive number theory is concerned with the additive structure of the integers, such as Goldbach's conjecture that every even number greater than 2 is the sum of two primes. One of the main results in additive number theory is the solution to Waring's problem.

Goldbach's conjecture is one of the oldest and best-known unsolved problems in number theory and all of mathematics. It states: Every even integer greater than 2 can be expressed as the sum of two primes.

The conjecture has been shown to hold for all integers less than 4 × 10 18, but remains unproven despite considerable effort. Goldbach’s Conjecture. Every even integer n ≥ 4 is the sum of two primes, and every odd integer n ≥ 7 is the sum of three primes.

The two parts of this conjecture are known as the binary Goldbach problem and the ternary Goldbach problem, respectively. Clearly, the binary conjecture is the stronger one.

It is also much more difficult.

An introduction to goldbachs conjecture a famous open problem in additive number theory
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