Cell biology revision questions and answers

These DNA elements, also in association with one or more proteins, prevent an enhancer from acting on a promoter. Fever, abdominal cramps, vomiting and diarrhoea are caused by the bacteria and the toxins they secrete. For example, hereditary information is encoded in a specific sequence of bases that make up the DNA deoxyribonucleic acid molecule in the nucleus of each cell.

Here giving one of the other limiting factors would be sufficient in your answer. Chemical plant defence responses: Without active transport, sufficient food for the organism may not be absorbed from the gut. Although it might be supposed that biological processes—through which organisms grow in a highly ordered and complex manner, maintain order and complexity throughout their life, and pass on the instructions for order to succeeding generations—are in contravention of these laws, this is not so.

It is spread in the environment by water or wind. Amylase is a carbohydrase which breaks down starch. Biology Paper 1, Topic 2 "Organisation" 2. The positive charge is removed after acteylation. Iodine reagent is to be used to test for starch every 30 seconds.

They invade neighbouring tissues and spread to different parts of the body in the blood where they form secondary tumours.

Biology GCSE & IGCSE Question Bank

You should be able to explain the effect of changing temperature, humidity, air flow air movement and light intensity on the rate of transpiration. You should be able to explain how the small intestine and lungs in mammals, gills in fish, and the roots and leaves in plants, are adapted for exchanging materials.

Osmosis is the diffusion of water from a dilute solution to a concentrated solution through a partially permeable membrane.

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How cells divide Meiosis sets the stage for Mendelian genetics. This has enabled biologists to see and understand many more sub-cellular structures. In eukaryotic cells, the DNA is packaged with proteins in the nucleus, and varies in structure and appearance at different parts of the cell cycle.

You should be able to use other models to explain enzyme action. Two successive divisions, with no additional DNA replication, results in 4 haploid gametes: If a large proportion of the population is immune to a pathogen, the spread of the pathogen is very much reduced.

In some people heart valves may become faulty, preventing the valve from opening fully, or the heart valve might develop a leak. You are expected to use the data provided in support of your answer. In effect, carbon dioxide accepts and bonds with hydrogen, forming carbohydrates Cn[H2O]n.


You should be able to explain and describe how diffusion, osmosis and active transport are used to transport materials in and out of cells and the differences between these three processes. You should be able to link the structure of a root hair cell to its function.

This means that it can be used to study cells in much finer detail. Treatment with stem cells may be able to help conditions such as diabetes and paralysis. In multicellular organisms the smaller surface area to volume ratio means surfaces and organ systems are specialised for exchanging materials.

Biological energy exchanges The energy changes associated with physicochemical processes are the province of thermodynamicsa subdiscipline of physics. However, the emergence of strains resistant to antibiotics is of great concern. You should have done observation and drawing of a transverse section of leaf.You're currently viewing our resources for Biology.

For additional assistance, you should refer to the discussion forum for this course. Get more information about 'BBA Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids' Journal. Check the Author information pack on lietuvosstumbrai.com Metabolism: Metabolism, the sum of chemical reactions that take place in living cells, providing energy for life processes and the synthesis of cellular material.

Living organisms are unique in that they extract energy from their environments via hundreds of coordinated, multistep, enzyme-mediated reactions. College Biology MCQs: Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (Quiz & Tests with Answer Keys) - Kindle edition by Arshad Iqbal.

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Biology and Disease Cell structure & function Practice Exam Questions. AQA GCE Biology AS Unit 1 Cells. AQA GCE Biology AS Unit 1 Cells One mark for incorrect answers in which candidate clearly divides measured width by magnification; Correct answer = 2 marks outright.

Biology Multiple Choice Quizzes

9th grade biology multiple choice questions has MCQs. Grade 9 biology quiz questions and answers, MCQs on digestive system, molecular biology, human biology, biodiversity and evolution, bioenergetics, biology problems, cell biology MCQs with answers, cell cycle, chromosomes, cells and tissues, enzymes, nutrition and transport, human heart, vitamins MCQs and quiz to practice exam .

Cell biology revision questions and answers
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