Characteristics of a good hypothesis

Indeed, all theory may be regarded as a kind of map extended over space and time. The four possibilities Truth in the population. For example, the special theory of relativity assumes an inertial frame of reference.

Characteristics of a Good Research Hypothesis Categories: It is consistent with preexisting experimental results and at least as accurate in its predictions as are any preexisting theories. If other physicists had been able to observe it, Hypothesis C would have been proven wrong. Simulation packages for displaying each of the subassemblies allow the parts to be rotated, magnified, in realistic detail.

The specific mathematical aspects of classical electromagnetic theory are termed "laws of electromagnetism," reflecting the level Characteristics of a good hypothesis consistent and reproducible evidence that supports them.

Public health surveillance systems collect data on 'reportable diseases'. The simpler meaning of hypothesis is an educated guess that is developed for a study.

An investigation which simply reiterates what is previously proven is not worth the effort and cost. The proposition that there is an association — that patients with attempted suicides will report different tranquilizer habits from those of the controls — is called the alternative hypothesis.

This hypothesis "sticks its neck out" for every test.

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Within electromagnetic theory generally, there are numerous hypotheses about how electromagnetism applies to specific situations. For example, if you were investigating an outbreak of hepatitis B, you should consider the usual high-risk exposures for that infection, such as intravenous drug use, sexual contacts, and health care employment.

A good research hypothesis must have all these types of features. One- and two-tailed alternative hypotheses A one-tailed or one-sided hypothesis specifies the direction of the association between the predictor and outcome variables.

In this hypothesis water and sunlight are independent variables whereas escalated rice production is dependent variable because increase in growth of rice depends on the amount of independent variables given.

InEinstein's equivalence principle implied that a free fall within a uniform gravitational field is equivalent to inertial motion. It is a very wimpy hypothesis. On a spot map within a hospital, nursing home, or other such facility, clustering usually indicates either a focal source or person-to-person spread, while the scattering of cases throughout a facility is more consistent with a common source such as a dining hall.

Scientific law Both scientific laws and scientific theories are produced from the scientific method through the formation and testing of hypotheses, and can predict the behavior of the natural world. Kitcher agrees with Popper that "There is surely something right in the idea that a science can succeed only if it can fail.

Characteristics of a Good Research Question

It needs to be well grounded in current theoretical and empirical knowledge know the literature 2. Convict an innocent person. If Hypothesis B is wrong, there is no test that will prove it. Closest to observable things A hypothesis must have close contact with observable things.A hypothesis is a suggested solution for an unexplained occurrence that does not fit into current accepted scientific theory.

The basic idea of a hypothesis is that there is no pre-determined outcome. The hypothesis has to be formulated in such a form to attain the following qualities: (i) It should be based on known facts and must have roots in the existing theories of knowledge.

(ii) The hypothesis should be testable. (This is the most important requirement).

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Good experiments have 2 key characteristics; they are a. an experimental group and a confirmed hypothesis b. analysis of the control group and an accurate prediction of the outcome. Writing Research Questions Characteristics of a good research question: The question is feasible.

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The question is clear. Revise and rewrite the research question/hypothesis. Example: What is the association between 9/11/01 and future plans of high school seniors? Step 4. Aug 28,  · Best Answer: it has to be testible, falsifiable, based in factual evidecnce, and be accuratly written in scientific method notation (ie, if this, then that) if a moth is darker in color, then the dark moths will survive predation better in darker environments is an example it's testable (get light and dark moths, see who get's predated most)Status: Resolved.

CHARACTERISTICS OF A GOOD HYPOTHESIS A good hypothesis must possess the following main characteristics (Ary Donald at al, ): a. A good hypothesis is in agreement with the observed facts.


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A good hypothesis does not conflict with any law of nature which is known to be true. c. A good hypothesis is stated in the simplest possible term.

Characteristics of a good hypothesis
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