Concise essay culture different ethnic groups nigeria west

Because most Nigerian cities grew out of much older towns, very little urban planning was used as the cities expanded. The vast majority of Nigerians who are HIV-positive do not know it.

Ethnicity in Nigeria

In some cases, Nigerians have abandoned whole forms of art because they no longer served a purpose. Politically, Nigeria is divided into thirty-six states. While Western ways of courtship and marriage are not unheard of, the power of traditional values and the strong influence of the family mean that traditional ways are usually followed, even in the cities and among the elite.

Ethnic groups in Nigeria

Religious marriages, usually Christian or Muslim, are conducted according to the norms of the respective religious teachings and take place in a church or a mosque. Leadership, which had been based on tradition and ritual, soon became based on wealth and economic power.

Due to the militancy of Hausa and the extension of trade relations, their language expanded on the territory of West Africa, and now it is the predominant ethnic language in the northern regions of the country.

Therefore women have traditionally had to farm or sell homemade products in the local market to ensure that they could feed and clothe their children. The Fulani victors founded the Sokoto Caliphate, which grew to become the largest state in West Africa until its conquest by the British in Nigerian cities have grown to resemble western urban centers.

There is a common feeling in many rural areas that the average person cannot affect the politics of the country, so there is no reason to try. The Africans began to see themselves not as Hausas, Igbos, or Yorubas, but as Nigerians in a common struggle against their colonial rulers.

Medicine and Health Care Nigerians, like people in many developing countries, suffer from widespread disease and a poor health care system.

Culture of Nigeria

The Yoruba hold a twenty-day Shango festival each year to honor their god of thunder. Very few women are active in the political and professional arenas.

Other Protestant churches are also active. The educated elite became some of the most outspoken proponents of an independent Nigeria.

The sudden death of Nigeria's last military dictator, General Suni Abacha, on 8 June opened the door for a transition back to civilian rule. In rural areas, houses often are designed to accommodate the environment in which the people live.

Nigeria is in West Africa, along the eastern coast of the Gulf of Guinea, and just north of the equator. Political parties were outlawed under the Abacha regime, and only came back into being after his death. The cause of the collision was the struggle for power and influence in the state of Delta for natural resources - water, land, food sources, the first right to employment, representation in local political structures.

Domestic Responses to Global Challenges, When children reach the age of about four or five, they often are expected to start performing a share of the household duties. Others see polygamy as a unifying factor, creating a built-in support system that allows wives to work as a team.

The criteria for determining who belongs to this lowest caste vary from area to area but can include being a member of a minority group, an inhabitant of a specific village, or a member of a specific family or clan.

The horses argon color salutaryy adorned and the horse riders are in procession. The influx of people into urban areas has put a strain on many services. Each village had a large degree of autonomy, but groups of villages united into clans basing on blood relations and common beliefs, and were managed by secular and religious leaders, and a council of elders.

The Igbo call this lower-caste group Osu.The culture of Nigeria is shaped by Nigeria's multiple ethnic groups. Indigenous religious practices remain important to all of Nigeria's ethnic groups, and frequently these beliefs are blended with Christian beliefs, quite different from.

Nigeria is very rich in culture. Various ethnic groups in Nigeria have their own culture. The Durbar festival in the various emirates of the North of Nigeria symbolizes strength and dexterous skills in riding of horses.

Durbars are called up during religious festivals like Id el' Fitri and Id el Kabir. Ethnic Crises In Nigeria Cultural Studies Essay. Print Reference this and tribes in which some of their territories even over-lapsed the geographical territory of the present day Nigeria.

The different ethnic groups which had different beliefs, cultures, religious practices and languages where all brought together by Britain to form a. Nigeria has about different ethnic groups each with its own culture and language.

English and French are the official language although recently it’s most Nigerians second language. Violent clashes continue between groups. Sample Essay.

Words 1, This essay presents some ethnical differences between Nigeria and United States. Nigeria is very different from United States because its ethnic diversity is not separate like in United Sates but it is intermingled and integrated to a very large extent, however all the races and ethnic groups retain their language customs.

Nigeria is very rich in culture. Various ethnic groups in Nigeria have their own culture. The Durbar festival in the various emirates of the North of Nigeria symbolizes strength and dexterous skills in riding of horses.

Concise essay culture different ethnic groups nigeria west
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