International hospitality managemen

Great hospitality managers have a strong business acumen as well as an ability for creative thought so that they can create distinctive products and services. Culture pervades all aspects of our lives. This is time spent in lectures, workshops and tutorials, and includes private study on your own or in small study groups.

Hotels can increase revenue by balancing demand, reservation scheduling and variable pricing.

AD International Hospitality Management

Classes at the International Hospitality Management programme cover all facets of management. Check individual module information to see full details at a module level.

It develops an evaluation of the choice and selection criteria of MICE market decision-makers and identifies appropriate strategies for enhanced event business performance. Students have the opportunity to develop research skills that are pertinent to service sector industries, particularly hospitality.

Latest opportunities include a chance International hospitality managemen students to take part in the Council for Hospitality Management Education conference in Aalborg, Denmark. This module also provides the essential geographical background to the study of tourism in terms of the identification of generating and receiving areas of the world.

We regularly visit local hotels, restaurants, conference centres and other venues to see their behind-the-scenes operations at first hand. Independent Study The independent study offers students the opportunity to develop their analytical and critical skills in an extended analysis of a business topic, selected by the student and supervised by a member of the teaching team.

This module requires students to draw on theory and previously acquired underpinning knowledge and skills of food and beverage, to organise a complex event including the functions of marketing, fundraising, human resources, financial control, as well as food and beverage aspects.

It aims to classify and analyse the distinct target markets within the sector and establishes a framework for the evaluation of the needs of these groups, enabling students to identify appropriate strategies for target selection. You could do an extended work placement or a year studying at a university overseas by adding in an extra year between Years Two and Three of your degree.

Personal tutors offer support and advice to students in the areas of: To ensure that our students hit the ground running, there are two hundred hours of work placement to complete in first year.

MSc International Hospitality Management

There may also be projects which connect you with overseas employers and universities for group debates and discussions via Skype.

There will be a lot of opportunities for you to deal with real guests from actual companies, while growing into a strong-willed and resourceful professional. The demand for hospitality graduates is growing each year within the global hotel, leisure, industrial, business, health and education sectors.The International Journal of Hospitality Management discusses major trends and developments in a variety of disciplines as they apply to the hospitality industry.

The range of topics covered by the journal includes: • Human resources management.

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International Hospitality Management-A Brief Overview Although broadly defined, international hospitality management is basically a field that prepares students to travel and work abroad in careers within the hospitality sector.

Unlike classic MBA programmes the International Hospitality Management MBA puts an emphasis on leadership skills that are essential to succeed in today’s business world. The curriculum is divided into different topic areas that provide a framework for the Hospitality and Management modules.

International Hospitality Management placements The Professional Training placement is an integral part of our courses. Our prestigious placement partner organisations will provide opportunities for you to gain valuable experience in a professional working environment, increasing your confidence, skills and employability when you graduate.

The hospitality industry’s impact on the national and international economy is examined. Managing Front Office Operations Students learn to increase front office efficiency and help sales grow with the knowledge and skills gained from the completion of this module.

Become a Leader in Hospitality As You Gain Expertise to Move to The Next Level

Hospitality management is the study of the hospitality industry. A degree in the subject may be awarded either by a university college dedicated to the studies of hospitality management or a business school with a relevant department.


International hospitality managemen
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