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The failure to take this heterogeneity into account in empirical analyses may produce misleading results. In the latter case, social capital has characteristics of sunk costs inasmuch as it often cannot be used for other purposes than those for which it was formed and may become useless or even detrimental when the organization changes its activities.

Either the concept of capital should not be used in respect of the phenomena we call enterprise-based social capital, or the capital theory must be modified and adapted to changes in production patterns and industry.

Social Capital in the Knowledge Economy: Theory and Empirics

Part I provides a theoretical examination of regional innovation systems, agglomeration economies and knowledge spillovers; Part II examines the same concepts within an empirical framework; while Part III considers innovation and human capital as determinants of regional economic growth and convergence.

On the other hand, knowledge also has some of the attributes of public goods. These characteristics are fundamental to the endogenous growth theory and in particular to the knowledge spillover literature. The fact that knowledge economy and knowledge society are not only multidisciplinary academic concepts but also policy concepts is probably an important rea- A Different Economy Nutek bioscience writers a Different Social Capital 11 son for the absence of common definitions of the concepts.

Government is run by political objectives, but a fundamental need for public government is to legitimize itself. Bio Med Sciences Inc. Social capital in civil society is, for understandable reasons, even less compatible with traditional capital theory.

Microbe Inotech Laboratories Inc. With a continued expansion of the role of knowledge for the economy, it may plausibly be argued that certain tendencies in the biotech industry of today will become general tendencies in the knowledge economy of the future.

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In general an enterprise has no reason to allocate resources to something that does not provide returns. The value of capital cannot therefore be measured directly, but instead must be derived from the value of its discounted future use.

Oxford Biomedical Research Inc. However, where the concept of social capital is concerned this is not so obvious. It is naturally obvious that what we define as social capital lies far outside the demarcation of capital that merely includes real capital, whether it is limited to working capital or also includes fixed capital.

The use of time that focuses primarily on the consumption of immediate benefits, but which also has effects in the form of networks that have a certain duration, additionally produces, through the establishment and maintenance of these networks, yet further effects in that it influences the future of the individual concerned or that of other people.

We are committed to developing high quality products that deliver value. Difficulties in measuring traditional capital have not constituted an obstacle to the development of the traditional capital theory or of economic theories in many other areas; therefore they should not reasonably be an obstacle in the case of social capital.

Thus the procedure, presented stylistically, was as follows: In the latter case, social capital has characteristics of sunk costs inasmuch as it often cannot be used for other purposes than those for which it was formed and may become useless or even detrimental when the organization changes its activities.

Their chapter analyses the complex links between proximities and clusters, from empirical monographs investigating nutek bioscience writers relational aspects of proximity to econometric analyses applied to the study of knowledge spillovers.

Thus, more substantial, formal institutions and organizations, which Hardin and Krishna denominate institutional capital, are not included in our definition. For instance we can distinguish between formal rules, charters and laws, and informal rules, norms and attitudes.

The concept of social capital is accordingly not compatible, even from the enterprise perspective, with the traditional demarcations of the capital theory. In each case, the authors undertake an evaluation of its geographical and sectoral dimension.

One way of attacking the problem is to separate measurements of the links of the social networks from the qualities that the participants in the networks fill the links with.

In our view, the basic argument for analyzing organizational networks in the context of social capital is that the concept focuses on the economic aspects of networks and entails the application of economic theory to the network concept.

Accordingly, instead of differentiating between institutions and organizations, the social capital perspective differentiates between what on the one hand is formalized in organizational rules, charters and laws, and on the other hand the informal norms, relations and networks that coexist with the formal rulebook and official policies but are not directly governed by formal decisions.

This view seems to differ fundamentally from that of Coleman, that social capital is a resource of the actors, which they use to increase their utility. In assessments of capital specific to different areas of society, the use of time is weighted on the basis of an assessment of the importance of the activity to this area of society.

Peters mentions e. In such a case what is it that is saved and invested to make the stock of social capital increase? If the period of review is not excessively long, it is strictly speaking only the short-term capital objects, the working capital in other words, that have the character of capital in the real sense of the term.Explore; Log in; Create new account; Upload ×.

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The USA had a strong science base and was a world leader in the fields of medical research, agricultural bioscience and diagnostics. Thus, investment in European high-technology industries and R&D were seen as crucial to addressing this gap.

Network was created thanks to cooperation between Warmia and Mazury Regional Development Agency in Olsztyn and Marshall Office in Olsztyn as a result of implementation of Regional Innovative Strategy (RIS) - a document which outlined the basic activities aimed at increasing region’s competitiveness.

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