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However, consumers are wary of the new technology and literature is replete with papers which discuss the initial resistance exhibited by consumers towards technological developments. Our instant access to popular payments has clear icons and allows completion of most common payments in only 3 clicks.

Memorize your MPIN and do not write it anywhere. We recommend the following precautions: If you remember, our customers pay bills and transfer money as a second popular scenario.

FinTech Case Study: How Online Banking UX Design Should Work

We recommend the following precautions: However, respondents frequently visit the ATMs for conducting banking transactions. Providing Money Transfer to Cards and Social Networks Imagine being able to send money to a friend in only 30 seconds, making it easy to reimburse someone for expenses after a party or vacation.

Do you think Mobile banking services are cheaper than traditional banking services? Multiple accounts and cards on one page 6.

Adoption of Mobile Banking and Perceived Risk in GCC

The current study aims at describing the usage patterns of mobile banking customers and identifying the factors which influence their usage of m-banking. In the edit menu, you can rename your account, set notifications, transfers and ATM cash out limits. I would now like to ask you something about your knowledge of financial services.

On similar lines, people using mobile banking for more than 8 times a month on an average believe safety and convenience to be critical factors affecting the adoption of m-banking, as compared to people using m-banking for less than 3 times.

Interviewer to show the for Q9a. Olasina [ 39 ] finds a positive correlation between perceived ease of use and adoption of m-banking. The null hypothesis can be rejected here. Your mobile device must be web enabled. The report displays a growing trend of mobile banking with the volume and value of transactions having risen at The service provided by Marketest has been professional and efficient and we thank them for supporting the prize and our business New technology under development at the University - Eco Clock "We where introduced to Marketest because our team won the University of Bedfordshire's Business Plan competition and Marketest sponsored the prize.

Security issues have deterred the customers from resorting to e-banking and m-banking options. Li [ 9 ] noted that a typical user of mobile banking in China was male, aged upto 44 years and belonged to the high-income group.

Kotak Mobile Banking App uses two factor authentications. Name of the Interviewer: Check the developer of the application. Check the developer of the application. This test revealed that time-effectiveness is statistically higher for students 2. For multiple accounts with the same usernames, you will be able to see them all with one mobile login the way you do currently in mobile or online banking.

Reserve Bank of India RBI further reports that there were around million mobile connections in India by June, and around million bank accounts. On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest, how would you rate your ability to use the following devices?

Mobile Banking Frequently Asked Questions

Yes No Showing 5 out of 57 items of 12 Locate us You are never too far away from quick, efficient banking services. When you withdraw money, how much do you typically withdraw?

Mobile Banking

This factor clubs statements like ease of performing mobile recharges, knowing the status of transactions.

Start Time of the Interview:Mobile banking can also be considered as the convergence of mobile technology and financial services (Chung & Kwon, ). M-banking is a subset of banking as it allows everyone easy access to.

Mobile Banking

questions about mobile banking app in recent trends. A model was developed on the Customer Adoption Process of mobile banking.

The model is validated based on the data collected using the questionnaire from a sample of 90 respondents in UAE. Factor analysis is used to evaluate and analyze the responses.

questionnaire had been developed and distributed among the clients of two full fledged mobile banking service providers of Bangladesh called Brac Bank Limited mobile banking service provider to identify the factors influencing the usages of mobile banking. A clear understanding of these factors will enable mobile banking service.

gathering primary data using a questionnaire. Hypothesis developed based on the variables that affect the consumer acceptance of mobile banking services and its relationship to the customer satisfaction. Mobile banking is considered to be one of the most value added services in banking [15].

Facilities provided by mobile. mobile designed a questionnaire and used it to survey a randomly selected sample of customers of Meli bank. A total of pieces of questionnaire papers are given out to the.

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Questionnaire on mobile banking
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